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5 Things Everyone Should do While in Hvar

Hvar island has been attracting tourists from all over the world for the past 150 years. The advancement in technology has made it even more popular and more accessible than ever. But like all things, that can have a negative impact on your trip too. With so many agencies offering so many diverse things, it may be difficult to decide on what to see and do on your trip. That’s why we’re here, to help. Read on to find out the things everybody should do while staying in Hvar!

1. Explore Hvar by booking an ATV Tour

ATV rentals have become an extremely popular vehicle of choice for many tourists visiting Hvar and we don’t blame them. It’s fun, it’s different and most importantly, it’s safe. Yes, you read that right! ATV is one of the safest vehicles to drive on, and being able to go off-road is a huge bonus! Apart from it being fun, it’s a 4-hour long trip led by a local guide who’ll make every second of the trip feel worthwhile. If you feel hungry by the end of the tour, there’s an optional lunch at a delightful family farm full of all kinds of animals which you can read about here.

(c) Real Hvar

2. Go kayaking to Pakleni Islands

Taking a taxi boat to Pakleni Islands is probably the easiest way to visit Pakleni Islands. It’s easy, cheap and convenient. Is it fun, though? Even though it’s better than swimming all the way there (which we strongly suggest not to do), there are many other ways to make your trip to Pakleni Islands even more memorable, such as joining a kayak tour to Pakleni Islands, or even renting one and going by yourself. If you decide to do a guided tour, you’ll have the expertise of a local guide at your disposal, and you’ll feel like you deserved to be on Pakleni Islands and sip on a cocktail after kayaking all the way there.

(c) Adventure Dalmatia

3. Treat yourself to a wine tasting tour

Since Hvar Island has some of the best wines in Croatia, it’d be a real shame if you came all the way to Hvar and not visited at least one of the many wineries Hvar has to offer. However, if you’re one of those people who really love wine, we’ve got you covered too! Hvar wine tasting by Amazing Hvar is a tour in which you’ll be able to visit four different wineries, and an expert wine guide will be there to lead you through the journey your taste buds will relish.

(c) Hvar Tours

4. Participate in a walking tour led by a professional guide

We’ve all been in a situation where we’re budgeting our stay, eliminating seemingly less important things to afford things that rank higher on our priorities list. More often than not, it ends up in us trying to compensate for the things we’re not able to afford, such as this extremely interesting city walking tour by Hvar Point. We propose you put aside a few extra bucks the next time you visit Hvar and walk through learning about it as you go.

(c) Jocelyn Erskine-Kellie

5. Enjoy a sunny day on a Blue Cave tour

Okay, I’m gonna be honest with you all and admit that this one was fairly obvious, but it doesn’t make putting it on the list less worthy. While you can visit Blue & Green Cave from Split, Trogir, Brač, and many more towns, none of them offers you what doing it from Hvar does – ending the tour with lunch on Pakleni Islands. In our opinion, it’s already a good enough reason to put it on the list. If you think otherwise or would like to add something, we’re open to suggestions.

(c) Viator

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